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Sitka Convention and Visitors Bureau:
Local volunteers help visitors with brochures and local knowledge find where they are and where they want to go in Sitka.
Location: 104 Lake Street, Sitka, AK

Phone:(907) 747-8604

Sheldon Jackson Museum:
If there were a museum for museums, the Sheldon Jackson Museum in Sitka would be part of the collection. It is the oldest museum in Alaska and is located in the first concrete building in the state. Construction began in 1895 and it has been occupied since 1897. The building was placed on the National Historical Register in 1972.
Location: 104 College Drive, Sitka, AK

Phone:(907) 747-8981

Sitka Historical Society and Museum
Known as the only museum in Sitka that contains elements of all of Sitka’s history, the Sitka Historical Museum is packed with displays, photographs, andartifacts from Sitka’s Tlingit, Russian, and American history. This is a great first stop for travelers to orient themselves to Sitka.
Location: 330 Harbor Drive, Sitka, AK


Sitka National Historical Park (Totem Park)
Alaska's oldest federally designated park was established in 1910 to commemorate the 1804 Battle of Sitka. All that remains of this last major conflict between Europeans and Alaska Natives is the site of the Tlingit Fort and battlefield, located within this scenic 113 acre park in a temperate rain forest.
Location: 106 Metlakatla Street, Sitka, AK


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