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Sitka Travel offers fully furnished cabins, cottages and apartment rentals in Sitka, Alaska. EASY ONLINE BOOKING! Need Help,  Click here to Email: . All homes are as shown, and have been visited by Sitka Travel Staff. Pets Welcome in Select Homes, only. Look for pet friendly details under the amenities of each property.

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  • On stays 29 days or less, if booking 60 days or greater before arriving 35% is due on booking, with balance due 60 days prior to arrival. When the final balance is paid, you will receive your arrival info. 
  • On stays 30 nights or longer, if booking 60 days or greater before arriving, 30 days rent is due to reserve with another 30 days due prior to arrival, as well as your Accidental Damage Protector.


On stays 29 nights or less, we require a Property Protection Plan that will repair or replace anything damaged accidentally during your stay. The price of the PPP is either $45 (on smaller homes and covers up to $1,500 in damages) or $69 on larger high-end homes, and covers up to $3,000 in damages.  For cleaning deposit a $500 hold will be placed on your card to cover any excessive cleaning, but will be removed on departure if all is left in good order.


At end of stay, you are expected to clean your own dishes and empty your own trash. We will do everything else. Cleaning is not normally provided during your stay, but if you do prefer, it can be arranged at $35 per hour.


Sometimes, having a friend to help with booking tickets that knows the best routes to and from Sitka makes a big difference. If buying tickets, give me a call if you'd like help, it's free and and can often make a big difference cost-wise. Just keep in mind, if you can travel the whole way on Alaska Air, you usually save. I'll also be happy to help with mileage tickets for a small fee.

Renting a Car: If you will be renting a car, it's important you book it as early as possible, as Sitka does run out of auto rentals in the summer and during high visitation times, such as for conferences.  

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Unless otherwise stated, your vacation rental is fully-furnished with all dishes, bed linens and towels. It also comes with  TV, VCR with cable or satellite and high-speed Internet. With prior notice, a cell phone is available if you do not have one that will work in our area. Transportation to and from your lodge is not included, but the airport and ferry has a transportation shuttle for a nominal fee and there are auto rentals available.

TRAVEL INSURANCE:  Vacation protection insurance is available through us, or you are welcome to purchase from your preferred provider.. It is not very expensive and helps protect your vacation investment. Please call if you'd like to add vacation rental insurance to your invoice.

  • TAXES: Sales Tax and Bed Tax will be added to your invoice. 
  • PETS only With Prior Approval and Only on Select Homes: 
  • Guest Behavior: Guest agrees to leave room/home in the same condition as found and to return keys upon departure.
  • Number of Guests: The number of Guests shall not exceed the number of Guests on your rental agreement/invoice. If more people are found to occupy premises than on the rental agreement, Guest agrees to pay for the additional people at a rate of $50, per extra person. If you exceed the number allowed by the city license, you will be moved and charged for the higher rental.
  • PRIVACY POLICY: Welcome Home Vacations does not share any guest information with other companies. We only collect what we need in order to provide you with a rental that meets your needs and what is needed to protect our owners in case of guest damage, as well as marketing related info, such as where you found us at in order to plan future promotions. We would only share guest info if a guest did damage that resulted in us taking them to court in order to secure restitution for an owner. We do not send unsolicited emails.


Following are "my" answers to the most commonly asked questions. They are in no particular order, other than, the ones I think of first are usually the ones most asked. If you think of something that isn't here, be sure to email me and let me know. If I don't know the answer, I will query my resources (the people of Sitka) and get them for you. 

When is the best time to come to Sitka? It depends on what you're coming for; if you are coming to fish, anytime between May 1 and September 30th. If you are coming to learn about the history of Sitka, that's the best time, too, as everything is open, including the Russian and Tlingit dances. However... my favorite times in Sitka are;

  • March-April; during the Herring Fishery. The fish come in to lay their eggs, boats come from all over the world to harvest the fish and their eggs, and tons of other wildlife come in to take their share of the them, too; eagles, sea lions whales and more! Do a google search for Sitka Herring Fishery for more info!
  • May is the Sitka Salmon Derby, over Memorial Day Weekend. Thousands are given for your catch of the day!
  • June-July, all kind of fun events; Sitka Ocean Adventure Swim, Running of the Boots, Fourth of July celebration. Lots of fun stuff!
  • October 18th, Alaska Day! This is a very BIG celebration in Sitka, as this was originally the capitol of Alaska, back when Russian had it and where the transfer from Russia to the US took place. Lots of community events, booths, parade, costumes and such! A VERY fun time!
  • November: Whale Fest, this is a great time in Sitka! Many wildlife specialist come to Sitka to give presentations, there's whale watching cruises, and lots of environmentally related events.
  • November: Arts and craft convention, this is usually the weekend after Thanksgiving. Many artists come from all over to share their crafts and answer questions about how they made them.
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas: are both wonderful times in Sitka. Sitka is lit up beautifully and you'll see that even if it doesn't snow, the Christmas spirit is in Sitka. There's always a large parade when Santa arrives and many downtown events.

What is the best way to get there?

  • If you have a while, I love the ferry. It comes from Bellingham, Washington, taking, usually about three days and gives you the opportunity to see unbelievable sites along the way. They have small cabins on the ferry you can get, or you can bring your sleeping bag and bunk out on the floor or the reclining chairs. 
  • Or, you can fly Alaska Airlines or Delta Airlines all the way here. We have a small airport on Japonski Island, which attaches to Baranof Island by the O'Connel Bridge. Tickets on AA can vary from $300 to $900, or more, depending on where you're coming from and when.  I am a travel agent and can help you with booking.

Where should I stay?

Well, it just so happens I can help with that (smile)! I take reservations for about 50 homes, of which I have been in every single one and can guarantee they are as advertised. for lots of photos and booking online.

Should I rent a car?

I hate it when people come to visit and all they see is downtown! Yes, it has lots to see down there and you definitely would not want to miss St. Michael's Cathedral, the Russian and the Tlingit Dancers, the Sheldon Jackson Museum, the Isabel Miller Museum, the newly remodeled Boat House, but... you also won't want to miss a drive up Harbor Mountain, where you can watch the sun set through the clouds below you, or where on an early morning, the deer stand and watch with wide eyes as you drive by. Or, a hike around the estuary trail, where the Chocolate Lilly can be photographed, and where the forest opens up to a vista of snow-capped mountains. Should you rent a car, yes, I think so, but you could come to Sitka and have a wonderful time without it. There are trails accessible from downtown and we have city transport Monday through Friday via the Sitka Tours bus.

Can I drive to Sitka?

Only if your car can swim. We live on an island and as such, have water on all four sides. You can, however bring your auto up via the ferry or a barge.

Could I get by with just a bike? You absolutely can! But... isn't there always a but? If you're here for the winter, there's nothing more fun that riding three or four miles to work, amid slush (our name for wet snow) and then having a big truck go by...

Where can I do my laundry? If you rent a vacation rental, or stay at my cabin, you usually have access to a washer and dryer, but we do have three laundry mats;

  • Sitka Laundry, 906 Halibut Point Road (across from McDonalds) 907-747-7284. Also has showers
  • Super 8 Laundry, downtown, at 404 Sawmill Creek, 907-747-8804
  • Cascade Laundry: 1211 Sawmill Creek Road (also has showers)

How can I get set for a fishing trip? Several different ways; if you are planning ahead. You can go online and do a search for Sitka fishing. Many companies offer fishing and lodging as a package, or you can call me and I'll add it onto your housing and find you a captain.

Is it true you only have 17 miles of road in Sitka, or 12, or 15? This is a common question and is often miss-answered. It's about 17 miles from one end of Sitka to the other, where you can't go any more-by that I mean it's private land and the gate is locked. This doesn't include the side roads or Harbor Mountain Road, which is five miles by itself.

How many feet above sea level will I be in Sitka? This question is usually asked, as we sit on the bench downtown, looking out at the Pacific Ocean. I answer, how tall are you? 5 feet, okay, you are five feet above sea level. Sitka is located on Baranof island, located in the Pacific Ocean in the area called Southeast Alaska.

Does everyone live in igloos in Sitka, or just the natives. Hmmm, considering the cost of real estate, I sometimes wish that igloos were an option. Actually, to have an igloo you need to live where it is consistently below freezing. Sitka's average summer temperature is about 45, average winter temp, about 45... They say that sometimes in the summer it gets up to 60 and 70, and even, once in a great, great while, 80. 

Do I need rain gear?  I'd say you just might. We are in a RAINFOREST. We get around 100 inches a year.

The best question, yet; How much to mail a stamp to the United States... Helloooo, where do you think you are? Yes, believe it or not, Alaska is part of the United State! Yes, it's true!

And... last, but not least, What's the exchange rate, from American Dollars? Need I say more?

Anyway-some of these are in fun, but still real-actual questions we receive on a daily basis. However, don't hesitate to ask your question, because, 1, it may help someone else that is wondering the same thing, and 2, you may find your question here!

Thanks! and just email me if you come up with a question you think might be helpful to others!

Thanks! Christine

Below is a table of monthly average temperatures and average percipitation for Sitka, AK. If you're planning a trip to Sitka, you've probably read or heard that it rains a fair share here. While this is true, Sitkans welcome the rain because that is what gives us our lush green landscapes, cascading rivers, rushing waterfalls, vibrant flowers, sweet berries, and most important keeps our wildlife neighbors happy and healthy.

Spring months are best for; Herring season, welcoming whales, and wearing a hooded sweater.

Summer months are best for; Indulging in world class halibut/king salmon fishing, hiking miles of breathtaking trails, Sitka music festival, and the salmon run. Fall months are best for; Alaska Day Fun, Running of the Boots, Whale fest & Christmas Festival.Winter months are best for; Snow fights! Sledding and Crisp Morning Walks!

                      Average Temperatures for Sitka


8.80 in.
60°F (1940)
-8°F (1947)

7.37 in.
63°F (1968)
-4°F (1968)

6.68 in.
65°F (1905)
-5°F (1955)

5.60 in.
79°F (1976)
6°F (1929)

4.86 in.
85°F (1963)
23°F (1971)

3.82 in.
86°F (1980)
23°F (1971)

4.20 in.
87°F (1976)
23°F (1971)

6.40 in.
86°F (1950)
23°F (1971)

12.38 in.
82°F (1937)
23°F (1971)

15.60 in.
70°F (1969)
14°F (1984)

10.16 in.
64°F (1970)
-3°F (1985)

10.20 in.
64°F (1934)
-6°F (1949)

Getting To Sitka

From some locations, getting to Sitka can be a bit complicated and if not planned well in advance, may require an overnight stay.  It's often helpful to have someone who travels often from the lower 48 to Sitka as we know the best days and the best ways to fly and save money. 

I am an EasyBiz Administrator through Alaska Airlines and will be happy to help you with your reservations at no charge. Alaska Airlines repays me with miles for helping their customers. Just give me a call: 800-750-4712, or call or text my cell @ 907-738-0176

Getting About In Sitka

You may have heard that Sitka only has 17 miles of road and that is true of our main road system, but it is an INCREDIBLE 17 miles of road! To come this far and miss an inch of it would be a shame. There are many options for getting about: 

Walking; if you are an avid walker, you will enjoy Sitka as those 17 miles are almost all along the coast line. It's not unusual to see many eagles along the way and, sometimes a whale, otter or sea lion. Sea gulls soar, inviting you to follow, and Ravens cackle as you walk by. In rocky beach areas where ancient logs lay scattered an occasional martin or otter may even peek its' head out.

Biking; Sitka has several bike rental shops that will fit you to the perfect bike, based on if you are wanting to just bike the main roads or go up some of our many trails into the mountains. Average daily rates are around $25 per day, but discounts are usually offered for rentals a week or longer.

Yellow Jersey Cycle: 907-747-6317

 Sitka Taxies: you can call beforehand and they will meet you at the airport.

  • Baranof Taxis and Tours, 907-738-4722
  • Hank's Cab, 907-747-8888
  • Sitka Cab, 907-747-5001

Auto Rentals; Sitka has 3 car rental businesses, two at the airport. Daily rentals run anywhere from $50 to $100 per day, depending on how long and what type of vehicle you're renting. 

  • Avis 907-966-2404
  • Sitka Rental Cars (USED): 907-738-2282

Bus Transportation; Sitka's bus system "The Ride" runs Monday through Friday. For information on their schedule click here:

Sitka Businesses, if you are not on here, send me an email and if you meet the criteria and take good care of my guests, I'll be glad to add you. 

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