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Sitka’s leaders in professionally accredited responsible whale and marine wildlife tours, A Whale’s Song offers Watching Tours, Photography Workshops and Tours, Marine Bird Watching Tours, and Private Charters. With their onboard certified naturalists and professional photographers, you will be surrounded by people who will share their expertise and insights about Alaska’s marine wildlife, as well as help you capture your experience on camera. With only 6 guests onboard, you can comfortably interact with our experts and gain a better understanding of our amazing ecosystem.

Ride in comfort and style aboard our custom-built 43-foot, expedition-style catamaran. The M/V Catdaddy is equipped with a spacious heated cabin, ample deluxe seating, restroom, and galley. Unparalleled viewing opportunities are facilitated by large wraparound windows and an expansive open air walk-around deck, so you can have an unobstructed view of wherever the action is.

Additionally, Whale’s Song is proud to be the only company in Alaska awarded a Responsible Whale Watching Certificate by the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA). This is awarded to whale watching companies that operate to the highest standards of care for local wildlife, sustainability, and customer experience. The M/V Catdaddy is truly the best whale watching and photographing platform in Sitka!


Experience Sitka’s most unique and memorable marine wildlife expedition! Aboard each tour is a local marine naturalist making this an ocean adventure that is both fun and educational for all ages. Listen to the mysterious and soothing sounds of whales on our research quality hydrophone while you ride in comfort aboard our custom built 43-foot, expedition-style catamaran with a spacious, heated cabin, deluxe seating, restroom and galley. Viewing opportunities are facilitated by large wrap- around windows and an expansive open-air deck.Listen to the mysterious and soothing sounds of whales on our research-quality hydrophone.


$189/person – 3 hour tour

Be humbled by the vast terrain. Be awakened by the fresh air. Be calmed by the sounds of whales. Be energized by your Alaskan Experience. World renowned for abundant wildlife! Have your cameras at the ready. Every trip, every day is different. Savor the solitude and the most plentiful wildlife that Sitkans treasure and fellow Alaskan's envy.


$249/person – 4 hour tour

You will be absolutely delighted while photographing, or simply experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of this true Alaskan excursion. Our resident Alaskan naturalist-guide will share with you the wonders of this pristine paradise. Explore the legendary waters that surround Sitka as well as the coastline of the nation’s largest national forest.



We are resolute to getting you beautiful photos of Alaskan wildlife. We help in any way possible to ensure that you not only get that great shot but that you understand how you got that shot. Instruction from a local professional photographer(s) who will help you get more out of your camera. Maximum of 6 guests per tour. Our tours provide individualized instruction & one on one attention. Sitka’s marine environment is among the most dramatic locations in the world. Frequent subjects; Whales, Porpoise, Otters, Sealions, Eagles, Puffins, Bears and a host of other marine birds.


$249/person – 4 hour tour Saturdays and Sundays

A memorable tour of the waters surrounding Sitka with a selection of beautiful locations for the perfect shot of Alaska’s marine wildlife & landscapes. Get the attention from our photo professional other operators don't offer. Have fun and acquire stunning images on your tour!


$249/person – 4 hour tour

The perfect time to capture the sunrays as they touch and graze the marine wildlife and topography of the hundreds of islands throughout Sitka Sound. The beautiful long-lasting vibrant colors make for gorgeous photographs which only an Alaskan Sunset tour can provide!


$599/person – 8 hour tour – select dates available

Designed explicitly for the skilled and novice enthusiasts desiring a full day's immersion experience capturing compelling images of the creatures and stunning landscapes on the waters of Sitka. The greatest thing about this tour is we can take advantage of the most ideal wildlife opportunities that become available during the day!


$3459/person - 48 hours in the field, lodging with inclusive breakfast & lunch

Offered March 23, 2021. Want to photograph one of nature’s greatest events? Then, this workshop is for you! This is the absolute best time and Sitka is the unsurpassed place to capture frame worthy images of this remarkable display. This group feeding behavior is on display as often as 150+ times per day during your tour. Envision the stunning images we will help you capture when up to 20 whales explode through the water with their mouths agape, throat grooves bulging with herring and seawater. For a separate room, there is a supplemental $750 cost.


$1099/person – 2 days - 16 hours in the field, select dates available

Imagine Alp-like peaks of the Tongass Forest and the crimson streaked Mt Edgecumbe volcano as the background while you photo iconic Alaskan wildlife. Attain images that are tack sharp with the right composition that communicates the story of that moment in time during this exclusive trip. This tour allows for a fluid itinerary and the ability to explore a variety of Sitka's territory and fauna!


$1599/person – 3 days – 24 hours in the field

Photo opportunities abound during this exclusive tour! We connect you with the best locations for humpback whales and transient killer whales performing such athletic feats as breaching, tail-slapping and possibly the cooperative feeding behavior called “Bubble Netting.” Bears, Otters, Eagles and Puffins are also common subjects. If one of your goals is to create original and impactful wildlife photos this is the tour for you!


Alaska is a birders paradise with hundreds of species of shore birds, sea birds, & raptors. Sitka has one of the most diverse populations of birds in the whole State of Alaska. Luring many migrant birds to nest and feed upon the plentiful supply of food. Viewing guides and high-quality marine binoculars available for all guests as we enjoy landscapes, habitats and cultures at a relaxed pace.


$189/person – 3 hours

Our prime objective on this 3-hour trip will be St Lazaria. Surrounded with spectacular scenery amid this rocky volcanic island outcropping at the mouth of Sitka Sound is an excellent area to observe nesting Tufted Puffins- large numbers utilize burrowing areas just above the rock faces. Common & Thick Billed Murres, Black Oystercatchers, Rhinoceros Auklets, and Pigeon Guillemots utilize the rocky slopes to nest and hatch young. We often see chicks during late summer. Up atop the rock faces are Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcon hoping for a meal.


$249/person – 4 hours

Embark on a 4-hour avian adventure exploring the legendary the waters around Sitka including St. Lazaria as well as the nesting cliffs for the horned Puffin along Kruzof Island. No other creatures’ relationship with man has been so constant, so varied, so enriched by symbol, myth, art and science, and so contradictory as that with birds. Surfbirds and Black Turnstones can be seen feeding at lower tides. Loons, Marbled Murrletes, Harlequin ducks as well as all three species of Scoter and numerous other Marine birds are just a few of the other species we often encounter in Sitka Sound.


A private boat charter is like a boat rental, except with a charter, you don’t have to worry about operating and cleaning the vessel. The crew will do all the work while you sit back and relax! There is no minimum guest count with a private charter. Want the boat to yourself? You got it! There is however a maximum of 6 guests.

Explore the pristine islands, hidden coves, sea caves from our own private boat. And of course, amazing whales and marine mammals can be seen, too! The ultimate personalized experiences with flexible itineraries based on your interests. As a part of our commitment to the environment we negotiate rates for professional media productions and research activities on a case by case basis.


$899 – 3 hours

Relax on your customized tour as you explore the pristine waters and islands around Sitka Sound where you decide what to do and where you go. Perfect for families, business travel groups, photographers, videographers & other groups visiting Sitka. We set our course based on your interests and transport you quickly and safely. Every day, every trip is unique!


$1299 – 4 hours

Private charters allow for customization not provided on public whale watching trips. We work with you one-on-one to arrange the perfect adventure for your group. Our naturalist’s narration on these tours is the ideal platform to see and appreciate the genuine wilderness and wildlife spectacles that make the Alaska the ultimate bucket list destination!


$1999 – 8 hours

Our professional and friendly crew will attend to your every need, allowing you to relax and enjoy your most memorable Alaskan day as you enjoy this real Alaskan experience. Every trip is unique and has no set narration. Throughout the tour we share information based on sightings and current research. A full day's marine immersion. You choose the destination we set the course!


Use the CONTACT page to request a reservation and to ask any questions you have about tour options & amenities. The CONTACT page can also be found under the ABOUT US tab.

Prices quoted will include any applicable fees and Sitka’s 6% sales tax. Gratuity for the captain & crew is at the guests’ discretion and is not included. Unless arranged otherwise, payment will be made in full by credit card at time of booking. A receipt will be emailed within 24-hours to confirm your reservation.

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